Whether you're a college student juggling both work and school or an educator who spends your hard-earned money on classroom supplies instead of a new pair of shoes, we at J.B.A. Chevrolet think you deserve to treat yourself. That's why we offer the General Motors' Student Discount and the General Motors' Educator Discount programs.

These discounts allow you to purchase or lease an eligible GM vehicle for a price that is below MSRP. You can even combine a discount with other current offers.

To receive the GM Student Discount, you must be a current college or graduate student. You also qualify if you have graduated from a two- or four-year college within the past two years.

If you're looking to use the GM Educator Discount, you must be an educator, administrator, faculty member, or a member of the support staff who works at a public school, private school, university, or college. You also must be a resident of the United States. This discount can also be shared with your spouse or dependent children. The dependent children must either be under 22 years old or under 25 years old and a full-time student.

You need to register or sign in on the GM discount homepage then select the discount you're planning on using. From there, choose "Get Authorization Number" and follow the website's prompts. Then, print your number off and bring it with your proof of eligibility to us. 

For the Student Discount, you must produce one of the following:
Proof of your enrollment in an associate, undergraduate, or graduate degree program.
A diploma dated no more than two years ago from an eligible program.

Those using the Educator Discount must provide a valid authorization number, along with:
A copy of your school ID or a current pay stub that is no more than 30 days old. All the information on the pay stub must be redacted except its date, the name of your school, and your name
A copy of your driver's license with the driver's license number redacted.
J.B.A. Chevrolet is thankful for all the hard work teachers and students are doing to make the future a better place, and we want to reward them with these savings.